How To Register as an OKBET Agent?

How to Apply As an OKBET Agent

Be your own boss and work the way you want. Get rid of your ordinary boring life, and arrange your schedule flexibly. This working opportunity is highly recommended. If you want a balanced life between work and life, join OKBET, and begin your journey with us as an agent. Here are step-by-step guides on how to register.


Step 1: Register with us. If you’ve decided to be our agent, you may visit our “register now” page. You can get a referring code from us, the code entails special bonuses and promotions such as PHP 50 that will be credited to your account. 


Step 2: Meet the Eligibility Criteria.We adhere to the Government law given by the PAGCOR and meet specific requirements such as the age eligibility. OKBET allows individuals to join the platform except for the following


  • Below 21 years old ( Students of any school, college or university in the Philippines;
  • Anyone (including immediate family members) serving in the Philippine Government, PAGCOR, OKBET, Law enforcement, or military personnel.
  • Persons included in the National Database of Restricted Persons (NDRP)


Step 3: Prepare Necessary Documents for Verification. Before you become a fully verified agent, you need to undergo first from our KYC program. This is to ensure that all OKBET agents are reliable and trusted. Our KYC team will ask for documents regarding you such as your government ID and more. 


Step 4: Wait for Review and Approval. Once you’re done with the verification process, our KYC team will review your application. The process might take time to approve depending on the complexity of the process, your interview, and the document you’ve submitted. Ensure all the documents and information you gave to our team are true. 


Once approved, the OKBET team will assist you by providing you with more insights about the program, how much you can earn, how you can earn, to improve your marketing skills, and more. With OKBET Agent program, you can unlock your full potential while earning in the comfort of your home. 

“Work at Your Own Pace, Be an OKBET AGENT”

Why Join OKBET AGENT Program?


OKBET a safe and secure online sports betting and online casino platform, one of the most trusted and reliable betting platform in the Philippines. Since its launched in 2021, the platform have offered high-quality services and gained popularity, making it the number 1 sportsbook in the country. 


OKBET recently open a program for all individual who are willing to be an agent. You might be wondering why you should join the platform. Here are some of the most quoted benefits you can get when joing OKBET as an agent.


  • High Odds, High Rebate
  • Enjoy competitive odds, instant wins and easy 24/7 access to our online games.
  • Various ways to play
  • Provide more than 1500 sports events every week, covering all sports mainly including basketball games and football leagues, no matter what the sport is, you can find your choice here
  • Best commission rate in the industry
  • We focus on the needs of agents and adhere to the best commission rate in the industry
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How to Contact OKBET Customer Service

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the OKBET Agent program, feel free to contact the following: 

  • Mobile: +639563521477
  • Facebook: @okbetagent
  • Telegram:
  • [email protected]

Do you want to earn while working at your own pace? OKBET Agent program is the best for you. Apply now and get bonuses that will add up to your credit. You can earn as much as you can even with “0” capital. Apply with us now!