How To Earn Money With Ease As An OKBET AGENT?

How to Earn Money with Ease as an OKBET AGENT?

Did you know there are other ways to earn money in the gaming industry than playing games? If you haven’t heard about this side hustle, stay in the loop as we’ll discuss with you the different ways on how to make money easily. You can earn as much as you want by working as an agent in an  online gaming company such as OKBET. Although, becoming an agent won’t come easily as there are requirements needed, however, the commissions you can earn is quite large. High Commissions are such a perk if you work with OKBET as an agent in the Philippines. 


For you to know more about OKBET Agent program, here’s a comprehensive guide you can follow, from the requirements on how to apply as an OKBET AGENT, methods, systems, to commission rates at which plan you are qualified to participate, we have it all covered for you.

What Does It Mean To Be An OKBET Agent?

Just like any other agents industry across the country, the role of an OKBET agent is to help promote the company’s services such as games available, bonuses, promotions, and more with the objective of attracting more players to engage in those games. Although this is a typical style of operation for casinos and sportsbooks, there are also four other types of casino agents, one of which is described in more detail below:

1. Premier Agent Plan

The Premier Agent Plan at OKBET is a training program that is specifically designed for those who are interested in becoming OKBET agents. The program ensures that agents have a significant investment to drive their success by requiring a minimum pre-purchase credit of 10 Million/monthly.

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2. Master Agent Plan

It is necessary to have a pre-purchase credit amount of 1 million to participate in this plan. For the first three months, there are no restrictions placed on the commission that an agent can earn, which is specified by the losses of players. However, starting from the fourth month, agents are required to maintain a minimum of Php 100,000 in their accounts at all times and accomplish a monthly accumulation of at least Php 1,000,000.

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3. Online Agent Plan

Online Agent is a plan designed for potential OKBET Agents who are looking for both flexibility and extra income. This plan makes it easy for agents to get started because it does not require the agent to have a pre-purchase credit. Profit from earnings will be based on a losses of player, which gives you a chance to increase your income.

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4. Service Center Plan

The Service Center Plan is designed for business establishments. Potential OKBET partners may join the plan without any pre-purchase credit. OKBET Service Centers can be set up in different service centers, including stalls, stores, bars, and restaurants. As part of the partnership, Service Centers will showcase marketing materials provided by OKBET. These materials, which may include banners, posters, and billboards, will help promote the OKBET platform. Participating in the OKBET Service Center Plan is a great way to assist your business establishment, generate more income, and provide your customers access to OKBET’s services.

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Casino Agent System

Since the agency system of every casino is unique, we would like to give you an idea of how the casino agent system works. We will use the OKBET Agent as an example. 


OKBET offers the most comprehensive selection of online casino and sports games available to players in the Philippines. All agents are guaranteed to have a minimum commission of 30% (or more) on all OKBET gaming features such as casino and sports betting activities. To sign up as an agent for OKBET Agent, all you have to do is provide your personal information, which includes your name, contact number, ID that you would like to use as your agent account, and e-mail address. Below, you will find more information on what you need to become an OKBET agent.

OKBET Agent Requirements

To become an OKBET Agent these are the requirements:


  1. The first thing you do is to register via OKBET agent program.  To get the more bonuses and promotions you can sign up via our OKBET Agent referral code
  2. Fill out the necessary forms (phone number and OTP verification) 
  3. Verify your account
  4. Our team will contact you right away regarding the verification process
  5. OKBET will upgrade your account to an agent account and you can start inviting new players through your referral link.


Becoming an OKBET agent presents a promising opportunity to earn money in the sports and casino betting industry. However, it requires dedication, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric approach. By expanding market reach, acquiring and retaining customers, promotions, and continuously learning. With OKBET you can increase your chances of making money with ease and establishing a booming business. With the right mindset and commitment to excellence, success as an OKBET agent is within reach.